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Reliable Flow Measurement:

in open channels, sewer systems, creeks and closed conduits

Supply and re-construction of measured objects:

Parshall flumes
Polypropylene bottom unit DN 1000  with Parshall flume
Sharp crested weirs
Combine measurements structure
Ultrasonic flowmeters
Magnetic flowmeters
Manhole with flowmetr

Primary calibration of Parshall flumes Supply and reconstruction of measurement structures

We execute hydraulic calculations, design and technical documentation for Parshall flumes or other flowmeters.

Designs are elaborated using a longitudinal conduit profile, a plan view, flow range requirements and data on water quality..

If suitable, we perform comparative studies focussed on a selection of optimum design.

Support for hydraulic design
Hydraulic calculation for design of Parshall´s flume
Design of approach channel
Project documentation of measuring manhole in AutoCad

Primary calibration of measuring Parshall´s flume

Parshall flumes are certified according to the valid Czech standards.

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